Plan An Employee Exit With Google Workspace

Securely Plan An Employee Exit

When an employee hands in their notice, employers are tasked with not only filling the empty spot but also ensuring the employee makes a clean exit – for example, closing their accounts, transferring their files, and protecting company data.

There are plenty of tools and proactive planning that can help this transition go smoothly and save you the headache.

Creating An Employee Offboarding Checklist

Listed below are the steps you can take to make sure your offboarding procedures run smoothly.

1. Disable access to their account

The first course of action to take is to disable access to their account. Doing this immediately will ensure no information has the chance to be shared outside the company. Log in as admin within your Google Admin Console ( , from there you can reset the password, change recovery phone number, and email as well as review / revoke connected devices.

To achieve this go to the settings, scroll down, press show more, and go to the security section in your Google Admin Console. Here you can do all of that, so just go in order.

2. Backup employee data

You can manually backup employee data with the use of Google Takeout. Google Takeout will make a one-time copy of your Google account data.

To achieve this just log into the former employees account and click on “Download your data”. There you will see all the apps that contain your data. All of them are selected by default but if you are only wanting certain files you can press “Deselect all” and then tick the fields that you are wanting to backup. Then press “Next step” , you can then customize your archive by choosing the delivery method, type of export, type, and size of the file.

3. Transfer data –

You can transfer all data using G Suite Migration Service. Data Migration Service is an inbuilt Google Workspace maintenance.

To migrate google docs to another account you will need to sign in in to your Google Workspace Admin console with an administrator account. Go to Apps > Google Workspace > Drive and Docs. Click “Transfer ownership”. Enter the username of the account you want to migrate from in the “from” field and the account you want to migrate to in the “to” field. Click “Transfer files”.

All files will be added to the new user’s Google Drive in a folder named with the email address of the original migrating account. After you successfully backed up and transferred all the data, you can delete the original user account.

Extra Steps?

Listed above are the key steps on how to securely plan an employee exit. Depending on circumstances some extra steps may be needed. If company devices are used they will need to be wiped clean, and if exit interviews are part of your HR procedure you can always include data security into the conversation. It never hurts to cover all of your bases!

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