Workspace Color Categorization Release: Calendar

With the Time Insights feature on Google Workspace you were given the ability to better understand how you are spending your time in Google Calendar. A new update that was announced on August 16th, 2022 will now let you categorize your time in a new way! You can now name and assign a corresponding color label to an event within Time Insights in Calendar. This will now be making it easier to discern how your schedule is spread out.

With this new update it will allow you to more easily track time spent on specific activities on areas, such as staff meetings, project work, or meetings with specific colleagues.

Getting started

  • End users: 
    • To create a color label in the Time insights panel, navigate to Time breakdown > select By color > click on Add a Label. 
    • To add a color label to an event, right-click on the event in your Calendar grid. Alternatively, click Edit > change the event color. 
    • To see your Time Insights, click on Time insights in the left side panel > click on More insights. 

Although since this is specific to the Time Insights feature, it isn’t a feature that everybody can take advantage of. Below we have listed the Google Workspace tiers that will be able to use this new update.

  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Education Plus and Nonprofits

When should you expect this?

For those with Rapid Release domains this new update should already be rolled out and with those who have Scheduled Release domains expect this to show up on August 30th! Both domains will potentially have longer than 15days for full feature visibility.

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