New Workspace & Office 365 Backup Solutions!

With Google Workspace & Office 365 users increasing rapidly and businesses using this cloud platform many are still concerned for the security of their data. There are risks such as data loss due to accidental data deletion, program errors, phishing attacks, online hacking attempts, failed 3rd party integrations, employee turnover, the list goes on! The importance of backing up user data is becoming more and more critical by the day.

To help ease the worry New Media One is now an authorized reseller for!

Thousands of organizations rely on SpinOne to orchestrate G Suite and Office 365 administration and provide effective threat intelligence, which safeguards critical business data against ransomware and human error. SpinOne, an API-based Cloud Access Security Broker, helps customers protect their valuable information against data leak and data loss disasters in the cloud by backing up company data to secure cloud storage and alerting G Suite Admins with any potential data breach. SpinOne is an all-in-one platform with paramount functionality for Microsoft Office 365/Google Workspace data security. It helps prevent, detect and stop major data-related cybersecurity incidents that Microsoft/Google Workspace doesn’t control.

SpinOne presents the most compliance friendly backup to ensure that your organization is protected from data loss and/or deletions.

  • Choose between the top 3 cloud providers in the market: AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Store your data in your choice of North America, Europe, Asia, or Australia to meet local regulations
  • Customize retention anywhere between 6 months to indefinitely, for everyone or by OU

Did you know that in 2021, 37% of all businesses and organizations were hit by ransomware and only 57% of businesses were successful in recovering their data using a backup. Backup is simply not enough to protect your organization from malware.

SpinOne’s fully automated and AI-powered Ransomware Protection is the only solution that can stop an in-progress ransomware attack and recover any affected files automatically to your live environment – all with no human factor required!

For more information or to get started today with protecting your data contact us at or to speak directly with a member of our team call us at 303-828-9882.

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